CREATIVE MASTERMIND SESSION: Tell us everything! We’ll sit for an hour and you'll tell us your story. What you love about the person your writing for, how you met, a magical moment, a story of your favorite date, their favorite color, favorite music etc. For creative works you’ll tell me about your project, inspiration, vision. Everything you want me to infuse into the song. 

CREATION: Our songwriting team will write the song with your input & put together a custom team of professional producers and musicians tailored to your style and needs. 

STUDIO MAGIC: We'll head into the studio to record it.

STRUCTURE & RATES: We'll draft a contract so that we’re clear on the terms and structure of the project. Fees are structured on a project basis. All projects have a 50% retainer with the remainder due at completion.

BRING IT TO LIFE: For an additional fee you can also purchase a live performance. If you or your loved one is into learning music, we offer lessons and rehearsals for a solo or duet performance. 

ITS ALL IN THE GIFTING: You’ll receive a MP3 and short image video to gift to your loved one. Your loved ones, coworkers, fans etc. will overflow with love & joy when they hear it & see it live.